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Off-the-shelf Multispetral Cameras

SILIOS Technologies offers a series of off-the-shelf multispectral cameras addressing the VIS/NIR range.

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CMS Series   

CMS4 Series   

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Need for a specific wavelength range ? 

Specific band centering ?

A specific image resolution ?

A specific sensor ? 


SILIOS offers to design and manufacture your custom pixelated Filters, multispectra Sensors and/or Cameras.

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The COLOR SHADES® technology is a unique manufacturing technique to produce multispectral pixelated filters.

​The filters are composed of several cells, each of which is filtering a given wavelength band. The number of cells, their size, geometry and organization onto the filter, the number of bands and their centering wavelengths are configurable.

The association of such COLOR SHADES® filters with 1D/2D sensors  provides spectrometers/multispectral imagers. 

The main advantages of COLOR SHADES® technology are the flexibility in the filters and cells sizing, the flexibility in the choice of the wavelength centering, and the filter cost thanks to the use of collective manufacturing methods.

SILIOS designs and manufactures filters in the Visible range (VIS) and in the Near Infra-Red range (NIR). The SWIR range is currently under development.  


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