For most of applications, the profile of the raw beam delivered by the used laser is not optimized. Laser beam shaping components or systems can be then applied to modify the intensity profile of the beam onto the target. For about 10 years, SILIOS provides efficient Diffractive Beam Shapers for low to high energy laser applications.



The interactions between laser and matter are widely studied by researchers in numerous scientific domains. A wide range of laser intensity profiles ranging from top-hat to spot-matrix profiles help to optimize or privilege specific interactions.



In many health care applications, laser processing enable achieving better results than classical surgery or medical treatments, particularly in dermatology and ophthalmology. For a greater performances, the dedicated laser beams require to be homogenized, shaped or splitted.




To reach the best performances (speed, accuracy, …) in machining laser, it is necessary to impact the intensity profiles of standard laser by homogenizing, shaping or focusing their beams.