Multi-spectral sensors (spectrometers or multi-spectral imaging) are more and more used to monitor equipment and processes in numerous sectors of industry. Our COLOR SHADES ® sensors present several advantages as small footprint, high sensitivity and reliability. They are designed and tailored to give optimized performances to each specific application.

Biomedical Analysis:

Spectral analysis of some biologic materials such as blood gives plenty of information relative to their composition. Specific information can be found with a restricted set of wavelength bands within the spectrum. Multi-spectral sensors allow for the high throughput analysis needed for automatic test machines.

Food processing:

Detection of defects or non-conformities is essential in the Food industry. Multi-spectral imagers allow for the analysis of one or several complete objects. Clever choices of the spectral bands for this analyze leads to high performance sorting process.


Waste recycling is one of the major challenges of the current economic cycle. As the consumption of goods reach ever higher levels, the management of waste is crucial. Instruments for matter recognition and automatic sorting equipment are thus more and more used. In this field multi-spectral sensors allow for the efficient separation of plastics, woods, papers, metals…

Semiconductor industry:

Multi-spectral sensors are used to monitor plasma in process vacuum chambers. They allow for the accurate control of the gas pressure to ensure the best process reproducibility.

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